Spinster Kitchen

Made my first induction-burner breakfast just now. Fast. Bird-watching kitty didn't have to move. Little Brown oven range is now a storage facility. Unpeeled sturdy plexi surfaces courtesy of lovely former housemate (who left lots of interesting stuff behind). Convection oven is coming. Instant Pot arrived this morning as well; 8 quarts definitely feels like overkill right now but perhaps won't with a May Farm chicken in it or when marinara time comes.

The chest freezer is 5 cubic feet (I think?), which has proved to be the perfect size to accommodate bulk frozen veggies, 5 lb coffee bags, bulk chia, stock, and frozen marinara sauce! The fridge (not pictured) is on the enclosed front porch, which is naturally cold and is also the laundry room; fridge doesn't have a lot in it: prepped food, kimchi, kraut, opened jam, yogurt (weekly subscription from Still Grinning Kitchens, made with milk from Cream Cup Dairy). Farm fresh eggs I have found last up to four weeks sitting on the counter. A thermostat set to 60 degrees helps with that.