Freelancer Bread

Ingredients: (all organic) chia seeds, hemp seeds, poppy seeds, wheat flour, almond flour, masa, buckwheat flour, whatever other flour. Yeast. Salt. Water. Unbleached all-purpose flour. (Note: Chia and other seeds can and probably should be kept in the chest freezer, even if you don’t have 5 lb of them; flours other than all-purpose flour can be kept premixed together in a large airtight container, ready to go.)

Stir together all dry ingredients in a large wooden bowl. Add enough water and stir to create a sponge the consistency of oatmeal. Cover with another bowl or a towel and let sit until you take your next break. (I don’t measure, do you? It’s just another thing to wash. Eyeball it. It’s for you. No one will know.)

Break time. Check sponge. Are there lots of bubbles? Take a big handful of all-purpose flour (apf) and dump it on top of sponge. Spread flour over surface of sponge and sort of tuck it under the edges, scraping the sponge away from the sides of the bowl. Add more flour as necessary, but the point is not to knead but just get the dough to where you can flip it over in the bowl. Spread and tuck more apf on the top, cover again and let sit till next break.

Break time. Punch down dough and repeat above flipping operation.

Break time. Repeat. If you have reached the end of the day, put dough in covered container in fridge overnight and repeat again in morning.

Break time. Take small fistful of dough, dip in apf, roll into ball in palm, roll out with tortilla dowel (preferably) or rolling pin, adding more flour if necessary to keep it from sticking to surface.

Preheat flat cast iron griddle pan on induction burner to 400 or 450 degrees. Slap disc of dough onto pan. Wait (this is the hard part) about three or four minutes for disc to puff up like a pita bread. Don’t worry if it doesn’t puff up exactly like a pita, as long as it puffs up a fair amount and somewhat uniformly. Flip when disc begins to smoke. Oh, you should have unhooked the battery from the smoke alarm.

Wrap flatbreads in paper or fabric towel (you can compost unbleached paper towel), allow to cool to room temperature, place in ziplock bag (reused, please) or beeswax wrap and put in fridge or freezer if you didn’t stand over the induction burner and eat it already.

It’s delicious, it’s nutritious, it’s cheap (especially if you acquire all the ingredients in bulk and store them in your prepper room), and efficient.

Reenable smoke alarm.