Just threw up some affordable housing. 

Two solar-powered floating fountain pumps to aerate the frog pond. The second one does work-the motor had just come unhooked. I do wonder if the little sound they make underwater bothers the one frog, a wood frog, who made it through the winter. Water beetles and water striders are also active.

Former Rabbitrarium, now woodshed and skunk bunker. 


Frog and toad safety corridor


Transplanted cup plants, kicking it


Last year's garlic row is this year's tomato and carrot row (next to hazelnut alley).


This was a pond hole that is now a hole with sticks in it. 


Vertical line through center of this photo will be a persimmon row (trees purchased from the Benzie Conservation District sale) flanked by black currants and rabbit graves (Chelsea Manning and Geronimo are buried here). To the left under straw is crimson clover and maybe a horseradish if it lived. 


Prematurely planted garlic (note to self, November at earliest this year) and the Elberta Quince Preservation Society quince nursery. Oh yeah and American chestnuts. Planted about a hundred of those seeds from the diseased tree in Frankfort.