Jane Heyre and Bridget always know exactly what to do. This morning’s enthusiasm was: eat these spent brown-eyed susans, newly winter crispy, and make poop out of them. I shook the branches vigorously into the snow to scatter more seeds before bringing them inside to the bunny room. I still haven’t mulched and bundled Salvatore II for winter, which came on suddenly November 9. But I did get the garlic planted in between stories yesterday, a very sunny day all day.

These pagan god/numeric month names don’t really work. As a hodgepodge globalist language, English has perhaps lost some of its vital essence in this way, or never had it (Chaucer also had Roman months). The Czech name for November is listopad (leaf fall), which this year here was spot on. I propose these month names:



Pond Tend


Garlic Scapes

Sunburn Big Wave Day




Garlic Down/Sunchokes Up

Solar Fairy Lights

Year in Review