The Votrubicon LLC

The Votrubicon LLC is Emily Votruba's writing and editing S Corp.


The Bohemian Grass Sanctuary and Rabbitrarium

The Bohemian Grass Sanctuary and Rabbitrarium is an unincorporated set of gardening and sustainable living experiments.



Sweaterporn is the unofficial musings page of the coordinator of the new Grow Benzie Fiber Guild project MIFiberShed. If you are looking for XXX-oriented content related to sweaters, this isn't it, sorry. But I do own "," if you would like to buy it. All proceeds will go toward sustainable community programs. On this page, I work out ideas related to the grave-end of the cradle-to-grave clothing cycle in Benzie County, MI. We all know that resale is not the end. Sometimes it's only the beginning!



Spinsterism and feminism.