Yesterday I Deactivated My Facebook Page

For reals this time! I was on there for 11 years. I didn't quit out of privacy concerns: I'm fine with my information being out there. It did bug me, enough, ultimately, that people besides me were making so much money from my information, though. And Mark Zuckerberg flailing around on the front of the New York Times provided a fun occasion. "Outside" forces meddling with the election? Meh. Our system has enough problems that I'm sure that was a minor factor in our gross "new" moment. There's nothing high-minded about this departure. I was just sick of it. It was an addiction, and it was more painful and annoying than it was life-affirming and socially enriching. No big deal. I will miss posts by Kathy Osborn, Keeanga Yamahtta-Taylor, Emily Sanders Hopkins, David Auerbach, and Katelyn Van Haitsma. Shiny floofs!

I became a $5/mo WDET supporter this morning (I'm also a Grey Wolf Chapo subscriber at the same rate). I like the Poynter daily newsletter as a source of news through a media lens. I'm already enjoying the quiet. One should have to travel a bit to the watering hole in order to remember to enjoy it responsibly.